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How To Get 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023 | PM Youth Business Loan

Shehbaz Sharif has introduced a 5 lakh loan without interest in Pakistan for youth who want to start businesses.

Microfinance will be provided by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund within the next five years, resulting in the employment of 5.0 million people. Applicants can apply for this interest-free loan online at the ehsaas website.

Prime Minister Youth Business Loan Scheme Online Apply

Apply for a PM Interest-Free Loan Scheme online by filling out the Registration Form 2023. There will be a preference given to microfinance network facilities with low interest rates under the Prime Minister Loan Scheme 2023 without interest. The opportunity for men and women is equal.

There is also eligibility for candidates who have received loans under programs such as Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and BISP Micro Scheme. A registration form will be available online, and aspirants can download it before the announced deadline.

Prime Minister Loan Scheme 2023

A small business person will receive around 1 million in Ehsas bila sood qarza from Prime Minister Sharif. The complete application submission process will be announced in a few days.

The audience will be informed when they announce. Entrepreneurs needing more funding can benefit from this. The application procedure will be shared with the audience when it is released.

PM Youth Program 5 Lakh Loan (Ehsas Bila Sood Qarza) Detail

TierLimit of LoanInterest Rate
T-1Upto 5 Lac (0.5 million)Interest-Free
T-25 lac to 15 Lac (0.5 million to 1.5 million)5%
T-315 lac to 75 Lac (1.5 million to 7.5 million)7%

Eligibility Criteria For Prime Minister Youth Program Online Apply

  • In 2023, Ehsaas will offer interest-free loans to aspirants with poverty scores between 18.5 and 40.
  • You can apply if you’ve received loans under BISP and have an 18.5 poverty score.
  • We will priorities areas and districts where microfinance beneficiaries are below 12%.
  • The Ehsas Loan Program will be offered without discrimination based on gender.
  • The majority of loans will be provided to female borrowers.
  • This loan has a 0% markup and can be repaid within three years.

Requirement Documents For PM Youth Loan Scheme

  1. Documentation required for a loan without interest in Pakistan:
  2. A copy of your Pakistani national ID card or passport
  3. Payslips or bank statements are needed to prove your income
  4. Utility bills can be used as proof of residence
  5. Blank check from your Pakistani bank account

Prime Minister Loan Scheme Online Registration Form

A copy of the application form for the Prime Minister’s free interest loan scheme can be downloaded from the official website. Additionally, district union councils will be able to provide the forms.

A maximum loan of 50,000 rupees may be obtained under the PM interest-free loan program. It is a part of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and the PM Youth Program. However, the application deadline has yet to be announced.

How To Get 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan?

Everyone wants to get a loan and start a business, so the Prime Minister youth loan scheme last date is 30th June 2023. For information on the deadline, keep an eye on this article.

Please click here to find out more about the Prime Minister’s interest-free loan scheme application form 2023. It is being worked on by Shehbaz Sharif’s department.

In addition, they will launch this loan scheme in August 2023. People who are unemployed can take advantage of government benefits.

How To Get 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan


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